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If you are getting beat by three damaged intellect devourers and then coming here to let everyone know that that fight is too difficult, you might want to uninstall. Just saying.

Point taken... So humor me. You agree taking 3 enemies that in accordance with the 5E monster manual are balanced against a party of 4 level 2 characters is to difficult for 1-2 level 1 characters, right? But to mitigate that you nerf them by removing 10 of their 21 hitpoints, allow stealth to work (which IMO takes away from the lore since they got no eyes and work by detecting intelligence...), and remove their Intellect Devour. Not being a stranger to DnD, nor knowing what encounters are to follow, do I unload on these 3 nerfed IDs, or do I reload hoping for better rolls, or are you arguing that this fight is not heavily dependent on RNG, and I should just have more prescience on what is to follow?

I personally want to see this game succeed, and I believe it's best chance at doing so is design more closely to the standards in modules (goblins CR1/4, and kobolds CR1/8 sort of thing)...