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I know, it's been said before, but.... arrrgh! I just wish they'd make it far more accurate to the core rules, their changes are screwing up so many things about balance, familiarity and fun. smirk

More than likely a lot of the changes to the game that seems like DOS atm are probably placeholders, last patch or patch before that already removed barrelmancy or whatever, it's EA give them time.

They are not placeholders. You can't simply copy and paste code into a completely different game ruleset. Yeah, some basic code lines are the same, but its in no way less work then implementing the already existing D&D rules. Every part of the gameplay is something Larian had to actively decide they want in there and add it. The whole action economy - basically the whole game mechanics - have nothing to do with what was in DOS2. Every ability, every skill, every attack or other action had to be written from ground up - and yet they made key changes based on DOS2 ideas.

Them correcting it based on player feedback is what the EA should be for. If they wouldn't listen at all to palyer feedback what would be the point of all this? wink