hii, first post here, cheers :)) put in about 90ish hours between my playthroughs. these were my two favs. tried to make characters that felt royal.

(in my head they're half siblings lmao)

Dione. Human. Paladin of Selune. Boo'd up with Gale. I wanted her to juxtapose Shadowheart, then I watched Atlantis and got inspired by Kida; added a dash of Cinderella for extra swoon.
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Caelum. Wood Half-elf. Bard. Shadowheart boi (only bc I apparently don't meet Astarions standards even after letting him suck the soul out of my neck). Not really inspired by anything, just thought he looked dreamy.
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-- sidenote, so happy i got gale's romance to trigger!!

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