In my view the Level 1 start vs Goblins is a neat trick and the higher powers balanced by the Larva's secret powers where ever needed. The massive power gains in first levels are rewarding. And it is much easier for new players or people who never did pen & paper to get into this. Plus the story can be much longer before you hit massively disbalancing spells & rules like WISH. Larian designers already pointed to thess option ruin any early or midgame storyline balance.Thankfully lariaan didn't encapsule the stellar great storyline into some diabolo type endless hack & slay. In Neverwinter Nights you had to hack though endless dungeons of enemies to progress from 10 to 11 and beyond in a very slow paced piecemeal story. That wouldn't do any good to BG3 and still be true to D&D rules. The ship escape plot is a very well done tutorial teaching you game basics. Much better than Gorions Castle courtyard escape in BG1. Icewind dale is a good example what happens when you start high level on a shorter sstoryline. BG2 did have some start of it's own. Really appreaciated how intensly this storyline kicked off.

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