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For those of us unfamiliar, can you be more specific about what has changed from the core ruleset?

- In D&D you just have an action, bonus actions are bvery specific features you have to use wisely. In other words in D&D bonus actions are bonus actions, not a second action.
- Jump and disengage have nothing to do in D&D. One is for jump, the other is to disengage. None of them are bonus actions.
- Dip doesn't exist. In the reality of the Forgotten Realms you can't dip your sword in the fire of a candle/torch/... To create a magical fire sword.
- shove, hide and disengage are actions (with a few exceptions)
- you can't eat during combats in D&D
- those that never use magic can't use magical Scrolls
- an attack from highground doesn't give an advantage.
- an attack on your opponent's back doesn't give an advantage if he know you're in its back
- you can choose when to use your reaction
- D&D have a cover mechanic
- D&D have a better variety of actions : shove to prone, help to have advantage, dodge, ready, administrer a potion,...
- In D&D every single goblins or monster doesn't have magical stuff (arrows, potions,...)
- In D&D you can usually play from 4 to 6 characters (many campaign are designed arround 5 if I'm not wrong)
- In D&D items aren't completely WTF (healing someone never coat poison on your target's weapons)
- Time exist in D&D, such as night and meteo... not in BG3

That's a short list..

All great points. I agree with you, all of those changes would make this game way better and I dont play D&D. However watching many games I would argue I have seen advantage given to backstabs/flanking enemies during their attack even when in plain sight.

Id like to double down on dipping weapons, that is a fun mechanic but its very powerful and magical and should a spell of sorts. In no way shape or forms should every character be given an ultimate power of dipping their weapons making them magical flaming swords/bows.

Also I'd like to double down on items that make no sense and have no immersion like healing characters grants your weapon poison. They really should give items some lore and backstory and make them harder to earn or achieve. Not just random high tier loot just in corners or on low level enemies.