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Umm, no, fully disagree.
You should work for every level you obtain, period.
And getting to level 2 is cake. 3 is not hard at all, and 4 is not hard at all, just takes a little more time. I would expect that same for each level afterwards.
But you want to start at level 10? How about Larian just give us God mode?

You don't get it. Archdruid is supposed to be at lv 14 traditionally in D&D. Similarly, Archmage is at quite the hight level, probably around lv 10/12 , even more. Lv 1 is the level of a starting young man /woman going out of his/her village hunting for some wolves/ kobold. Very weak character, fighting very weak enemies. Level don't scale in DnD, you are a archdruid because you are lv 14 and because you rules a grove.
Lv1 is someone that has basically 0 adventure experience. Doesn't work well with a 200 years old vampire or a Wizard that is so brilliant he became one of Mistra Chosen lovers, or Wyll that already has the reputation of a hero for fighting giant.

Also, you started lv 7/8 in Baldurs gate 2 , because lorewise it was supposed to be following the storyline of the Bhaalspawn , and its take place after certains events. So its not like starting at a highter level is a new thing, either.

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