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I my eyes this fight is intentionally a challenge with an upfront warning to teach you all the depth of D&D tactics available and realize the benfit of seperating enemies before they gang up on you,

In my eyes this fight is amazingly well balanced for anything you throw at it. I needed only a second or third try when my frontal assault and belief in my warriors superiority alone was refuted by the game. So I took the hint at face value,
Turn based RPGs save & reload is a common and unavoidable concept. have no objections to utilize this.

At least for me this was the motivation for my inquiry. I figured this early on a typical straight up fight will often result in death, so what is the point behind it... I myself was so focused on the center of my screen that I never saw the tutorial for dipping (not found in DnD), and using elevation for advantage (also not standard). Parenthetical is to state, it's not obvious either, don't care if they add house/Larian rules, more power to them. And upon using any of the tactics in the tutorial the encounter becomes significantly easier. So given the fact that there are people struggling, and quite of few using kiting (almost an anti-tactic that takes advantage of poor AI in computer games), perhaps it is still good feedback for Larian on how they present the tutorial.