The Nautiloid vessel is a tutorial that allows to understand the mechanics of the combat system. When it crash it's implied that the player understood how things function. In the ship there are brainy legged enemies that if arrive near can easily kill the main character and Laez'el.

On a side note: why so many people take for granted that video players that approach this game now about DnD and its mechanics?

I my self have played a tabletop rpg and it wasn't DnD, it was Vampires the Masquerade. The fantasy video games I played had different, vastly, mechanism than those of games based on DnD so what about just don't assume that people (specially the ones that have problems and ask fo help) know about DnD? Maybe some players bought the game to try a different genre, or as fans of fantasy decided to try a shot with a video game and so on. wink