A few notes of playing the surface area of Act 1. It's really great quality aready.

Regarding Save & Reload nuisances
- Being pushed by enemies into voids and being instantly killed shouldn't happen from a game ballance viewpoint / player experience.
- Alarms should be marked in Orange or Violet on pressing ALT. Destroying, muting or Shieding them in the Goblin camp is too efficient to miss out.
- Pls consider to indicate the expected difficulty / risk level of any dialogue choice, This could be a colour coded rating or the rolls target value. Eventually give the info for each party member nearby.
- Pls. consider give an estimate on which party members will disapprove certain choices.Some could read "hidden" when it's undesireable to give a hint from storyline viewpoint.

Combat mechanics
- Many spells can't be target on enemies being "too high" where shooting arrows / crossbows works.
- It's hard to predict from what position a high or low target is reachable by ranged weapons or spells. The steps of predicting this process result needs to be reviewed to prevent losing player turns. Currently enemies have an unintended advantage. A red transparent cone could be projected to the ground when aiming a spell or ranged weapon. This could indicate where walls and obstacles shield the target from certian pains. Players can then chose where to move before shooting.
- Aiming predictors of area effects need to be 3D and not 2D when utilizing height advantage/disadvantage and jump mechanics. Targets high/low enough are missed when in the projected 2D spell zone.
- Pls review the FOG spell clouds properties. I couldn't hide Gale from Goblins bows in it and I consider it w/o any useful function atm. Eventually to the Goblin being at elevated height in the Druids cove encounter. The spell appeard to have no height for primarily graphics display reasons Eventually the same 3D/2D inconsistency for many area effects.

- Pls enable to mark multiple items for the same action to ease up organizing and selling items
- Camp wares storage should at best be accessible at dealer negotiations to ease up managinng looting low value stuff. Or place a dealer in the camp early on.
- I destroyed chests or barrels that I intended to open or investigate. Especially spilling Firewine and Oil were mostly unintended. I even destroyed the filled water barrel in my camp
- Pls enable to repeat all past dialogue from save games and not just the current session. Especially important when people need put the game aside for a few weeks and come back.
- A statement on benefits and penealties of high / low main attributes is missing for new players. Also a note on later improvements by level up.
- Players new to D&D games could benefit from a techtree preview where their character could develop into. Optionally link to a fandom website outside the game and outsource to the community to build this.

- an intro to crafting is missing, especially making potions
- secrets are sometimes disappearing or not triggered/removed. For me the Harpers secret supply marker disappeared/never showed and the Goblins loot stash had only 9 coins in the chest and didn't clear. No skill roll striggered on anything in vincinity, Appears to incomplete.
- Halsin is stuck in my camp. He also unexpectedly relocated from the Selune Temple to the Druid Grove and then to my camp. The wording needs a review compared to actions.
- Halsin mentions more ways to Moonrise Towers than actually exist. Pls check consistency. Toll house dilogues and Halsin mentiones the path leading to Baldurs gate or to Moonrise towers rather contradictory.
- Discovering the letter from Shadow Druids to Kargah triggers no option on Halsin in my camp. Rath only points to Halsin on this piece of evidence. Is this meant to expire after solving the Goblins?
- Does a succesful talk through of the Githyanki Dragon Rider suppress access to the evidence/notes/hint to further advance that quest with all Githyanki departing and me avoiding any fight?
- rescue of Benryn got me stuck in turn based mode in a loop that didn't lift after couple of turns. Triggered when Benryn left the burning inn.
- not being able to raise the Fists warriors ladys mood from the loss of her comrade and make her leave with her comrades by any option is rather disheartening. She mourns on forever in her depressive episode. A rude Guthyanki "seen worse" comment should be enough to make her carry on. Maybe her comrades do pick her up. They could at least bury their dead too.
- There is no option to inform Flaming Fist about the Githyanki dragon rider having vaporized their platoon. The game appears to assumes the Inn being done first in the level pathway design. It's unclear wether the young lad of the fist escaped or not in the cutscence. Sth in options not triggered here?

- the game crashed frequently after doing many things in the inventory
- The Moon Puzzle appears to switch colours on some wheels at random/on unkonwn event/some nuber of turns/certain condition and is having currently being rather illogical mechanics. Tried on both graphics options. Not all moons are visible in the low light even when activatiing all candles.

Game Balance
- max level 4 appears to be harsh limit on entering The Underdark. Minotaurs were hard but I expected to progress to 5 and 6 quickly there and surprised by the Highest level reached notification.
- The Githyanki engagement is ultra hard on level 2 or 3. Much of the team is ill positioned for a fight from arriving randomly out of engagement dialougue, Team is just 4 and enemiers have good resitance against spells and strong amour.

Never deny a DM your best game night cookies. Complain at your own risk.