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I think you are missing the point. The OP isnt promoting the idea of less difficulty or an easier game. He is saying to make the lore/situattion/immersion with the level of the party. Not in terms of difficulty. My suggestion would be that they create a story element that would explain why these seasoned adventurers are such a low level, considering they have what seems like a varied background and high level experience with magical items, and have fame for adventuring. These are clearly not Level 1 characters in any sense. Level 1 adventurers are adept at combat and know a skill or spell or two but in no way have they completed many adventures or have any sort of renown. If they have I believe they would be level 3 or 4 atleast.

No, I did not miss the OP's point(s). On the other hand, some of you have missed my point: Larian Studios (and internal testing) had indicated that the max level for BG3 would be in the neighborhood of 10-12 possibly a wee bit higher short of a modder creating a mod to bump it to say something like 18-20. To those of you advocating starting at level 10, what's the point in playing when a BG3 full release only has 3-4 Acts with a max level of 10-12?

Start at level 10.
End game at level 10-12.

What? Huh? Did I miss something here?
You're definitely missing the OP's and others' point.

The OP is not saying increase the starting level to 10. Rather, they (and others including me) are saying lower the starting story and character backgrounds level from 10 down to 1. There is currently a mismatch. The game and our characters are starting at level 1. But the story and companion backgrounds are at (about) level 10. So those should be rewritten to a more appropriate level 1.

You can certainly disagree that there is this mismatch (as some posters here have done). But nobody is asking for the game to start at level 10.