In BG1 we had Elminster showing up all the time, always gave the the impression that there were bigger things going on behind the scenes. We also know that drizzt was in the area. So many hints on even tho we were important we were just a small part of a bigger game.
Made sense for a noob campaigne.
In bg 2 he told us we were the main act.
In TOB we were told to be more powerful.
The setting made sense.

Now we are the main act in a Mindflayer plot.
Mindflayer. The biggest threat to humanity.
We have high level druid leaders and dark druid wich could instant kill our lvl 3 chars. Nope we win.

Githyanki with reddragon nah fly away let the small fey handle that. Lucky. Still feel that group should be higher level

We start in freaking hell, so lucky a demigod character dont show up.nope just lvl 1 imps.

Posssible yes but unlikely.

A demonlprd wont send imps to a planartraveling mindflayer flying fortress.

Nothing in this setting makes sense to be a noob char.

I like the game but the setting is wrong,
The difference between good and awesome.
Bg3 is lilicor but i want hes brother whos a +15 hackmaster

I... live! Flesh and blood and bone! I am alive! Ha-ha! I swore I would scratch and crawl my way back into the world of the living... and I have done it!