No I do not agree with this.

I like playing from low level and get attached to my character from level 1.

Ok regarding starting area Nautilus.

I get it can feel a bit nasty for some new players... but first of all it looks scary a bit but not difficult at all.
A. Avoid fire jump over them if need be.
B. Kill the imps simple to do it. Imps are like lowest end of creatures and not even near as powerful as an average Demon.
C. You can get US as at least temporary companion in addition to Lae Zel.
D. There are healing places in some rooms find them free healing if you are hurt.
E. If some player have misunderstood... in the last room when you enter room with Illithid you should not stay there forever simply do as you are told by Lae Zel.

Starting area is super easy. Yes it looks nasty but you dont need to fight anything really nasty there. Avoid aggro of harder enemies then say Imps. You can fuck it up however you in last room go very near the Enemy that is much more dangerous then an Imp... a little common sense here you do not need to fight everything in Nautilus as level 1...

After starting Nautilus? Well start with some less dangerous stuff and get your party to full strength i.e 4 characters in the party. Do not think you are CONAN THE BARBARIAN and solo go inside the Crypt grin.

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