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Everyone has different views on what constitutes 'acceptable'. Different cultures, social backgrounds and personal experiences leave us all with a different moral compass and outlook.

Whilst it is fine to put forward your views on what you find distasteful (within reason - we don't want hate speech here), please avoid dismissing or attacking the legitimate concerns of others.

While this is true, there are also cultures that consider butchering people based only on their sexuality as morally right. Does not mean brushing such a thing off as "well different culture", is the proper stance to take. However, i'm not dismissing other's opinions, merely criticizing my OWN country's hypocritical culture and general outlook, no one elses as we are practically the only western nation squeamish about nudity, preferring guts and gore to a nipple, despite having a monopoly on the porn industry and all or music selling sex lol

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