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The game has a great D&D feel to it already despite the mix of 5E & Larian rule implementation - you cant expect them to ditch all their IP - take a very close look at whats happening to Cyberpunk - get to over ambitious from the ground up & unless you have millions & millions of dollars & patient financial backers you get a poor outcome.
I want them to take their time & spend the money on developing the game - not on ensuring that every single D&D 5E rule is perfect - this is not a requirement for the wider audience for the game (including D&D players - apart from the extreme few) - personally im loving the direction the game is going & where its at, Im worried they try to implement to much & we lose the quality right through till the end.

I guess there's a lot of place in D&D for proper and balanced (Larian's) custom mechanics.
It's not about the game being 100% D&D accurate and nothing more... It's about not having a few OP mechanics that totally determine combats and the difficulty of the game.

It would be awesome to have MORE things to do than in D&D... But if those new options are too powerfull this is no longer options but what you have to do.
Custom combat mechanics need tweaks to become part of D&D's combats mechanics.

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