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It is so touching and sweet when Minthara reciprocated and did not kill the Main Character, it is good to know that she is capable of love.

Yeah because a healthy relationship is always wondering why your partner didn’t kill you. :P

I jest.

I don’t understand why people like her. Minthara is the epitome of evil. She wants power and control and is willing to destroy anything or anyone to achieve it. I understand choosing her side playing evil characters but objectively she’s awful.

But then again a lot of people just want to see pixelated nekkid bodies and you got to see hers which is probably why she’s so popular.

Honestly, even for what we were shown so far, her character development is pretty complex.

- She comes from a evil society, from noble house (Bae)nre (no pun intended, totally) where showing good emotions/actions is going to get you in big trouble. Abadoning the official faith in Lolth is easy way to put yourself in danger in Underdark and even if you escape, there is no guarantee that you will be safe from worshippers of Lolth. Everyone is taught to act evil, backstab each other, betray the friends etc.)
- Dialogue with Minthara indicates, that she despises the cruelty of Lolth, which is probably the reason why she has left the Underdark (and she joined the Absolute cult to protect herself, looks like)
- She is not without doubts in the Absolute, as indicated by the dialogue with her selecting proper dialogue option after the talk in the camp (she responds to you, saying that she wishes that it would be true, that she could resist the Absolute)
- If you treat her well, when she does come to presumably kill your player character after the night, she is full of conflict, regret, sadness and it's obvious that she is forced to do what she doesnt't really want to happen. Besides, persuading her is a guaranteed success, on 2 saves, the rolls were 1 without any buffs and 5 when I had +4 buff to persuasion via effect, so it indicates that she actually doesn't want anything bad to happen to you. As the conversation with her goes forward, she shows that she is genuinely worried about you, that she does care about your character and is willing to risk her position/life by letting you go, as she is defying the order clearly given by her superiors and trusts you, that you won't come back to Goblin camp (as this would put her in big troubles)
- She depises the backstabbing that is everywhere in the drow society, as it caused her to lose family members, friends and even loved ones.
- Her mind is full of fear, especially because of her past, where she expected a knife in the back every day. In other words, she is very afraid of dying and considers her life to be very valuable ("Goblins are expendable, I am not")
- In one of dialogues, it is indicated that her cruel behaviour towards her subordinates is reasoned with ("the need for strong hand in leadership, or they will disperse"), as she leads really simple creatures (goblins, ogres, etc) who likely only accept authority from someone stronger than them.
- One person genuinely trusting and caring about her -> PC was more than enough to show than she can show mercy, trust others, love them, care about them etc. Judging from where she came, it is understandable that she would have big problems with any of actions described above. Yet, she did change and it's very likely that it will go further.
- Voice acting and mimics, especially during the whole dialogue in camp, are insanely well done. You can see how much does she care/depise our PC, depending on your actions.

Based on those points, I could describe her as a tragic villain, who is acting evil because of her past and upgringing, although she is capable of being redeemed as shown by pretty big change already. Her current alignment is Lawful Evil, but she does show a huge possibility of it transforming into Lawful Neutral or even Good. Seeing that she isn't completely evil or without doubt humanizes her to great degree and that's why I find her character interesting.