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I think Astarion should have been an escaped thrall instead of a vampire. He was used to lure people to his master to feed. Since as a thrall he can be in sunlight, he can perform tasks other vampire spawn can’t.

Now once we reach BG, his story could develop where he might become a vampire spawn.

I think Larian took way too many liberties with what a vampire is in D&D.

Agree, my guess is that the writer is stuck in some twilight sexfantasy. Vampires are not low level creatures.

Vampires eat human = bad romance

It makes no sense to have a vampire in this story.

But he's not a vampire, he's a vampire spawn. Which is still different. And that makes him a conditional vampire+slave. Also, vampires are evil characters, so it all goes well. I beg you he is one of the most popular characters, because Larian combined the best in him. He's an noble, a vampire, and an asshole. Perfect.

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