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For those of us unfamiliar, can you be more specific about what has changed from the core ruleset?

- In D&D you just have an action, bonus actions are bvery specific features you have to use wisely. In other words in D&D bonus actions are bonus actions, not a second action.
- Jump and disengage have nothing to do in D&D. One is for jump, the other is to disengage. None of them are bonus actions.
- Dip doesn't exist. In the reality of the Forgotten Realms you can't dip your sword in the fire of a candle/torch/... To create a magical fire sword.
- shove, hide and disengage are actions (with a few exceptions)
- you can't eat during combats in D&D
- those that never use magic can't use magical Scrolls
- an attack from highground doesn't give an advantage.
- an attack on your opponent's back doesn't give an advantage if he know you're in its back
- you can choose when to use your reaction
- D&D have a cover mechanic
- D&D have a better variety of actions : shove to prone, help to have advantage, dodge, ready, administrer a potion,...
- In D&D every single goblins or monster doesn't have magical stuff (arrows, potions,...)
- In D&D you can usually play from 4 to 6 characters (many campaign are designed arround 5 if I'm not wrong)
- In D&D items aren't completely WTF (healing someone never coat poison on your target's weapons)
- Time exist in D&D, such as night and meteo... not in BG3

That's a short list..

Great examples!
While I might get some hate for this. Dungeons Dragons 5 after reading more of it is better for me then Dungeons Dragons 4.

That being said Dungeons Dragons 5 is not my favorite edition.
Cleric was like a one persons army in DD 3.5 overpowered however Advanced Dungeons Dragons i.e Baldurs
Gate 1 and 2 propably got it quite right.

In DD5 I feel Cleric has been nerfed to King Dome Come (from 3.5) hell it takes even some effort for me to create a Cleric that is ok for the party. In neither pen or paper or this game do I want to take LIFE Domain I do not like being heal bot.

My favorite PHB domain Tempus has not been included so for this ALPHA I created a Light Domain Cleric.

There are 4 characters not 6. You could argue that Neverwinter Nights only one character but that was DD 3.5 I could create my Cleric demigod in powerlevel in Neverwinter Nights that also had lots of powerful magical items.

I feel that order to have food not healing you need to have more HEALING power then Shadowheart Trickery domain Cleric.

In all seriousness I do not think it will happen in this game if they remove food does not heal it will need a lot of balancing and changes. They like their environment stuff call it DOS2 (Divinity Original Sin 2) adapation to DD5.
Day and night and weather things hell yes want them in game and most other things you mentioned I am ok with them but I doubt they will be changed except some exceptions maybe.

I have played lots of Pen and Paper including Dungeons Dragons. Tell me which low level party of level 3 and 4 characters want to risk and attack a Goblin Temple fortress? There is no load/save in Pen and Paper but I doubt they want to assassinate all the Goblin leaders in a fortress at level 3 with rumors the Goblin might have allies (Ogres, Drow leader etc. and NPC party etc)?

I feel that food healing is there to make it possible in the games current state. You could still remove food healing but then maybe example increase party size to 5 or 6 and give us access to more healer companions that can join the party.

This is my estimation and I do not complain game is difficult in current state. In fact I want to play the game likely one difficulty level above Normal when released I feel Normal does not yet give enough challenge. I killed all the Goblin leaders and then went to courtyard and killed everyone in courtyard and fortress on first try no load. I was level 3 when fought Gut and Drow leader etc.. but became level 4 inside the Temple and then went out and killed everyone as level 4 party on first try all this no load needed. I would not call it very easy, but I guess I like challenge specially when there is even load option.

In addition do not know if DD5 has it but instead of potions a thing would be like a healing wand with say 50 charges....
speculated how game could be without food healing. Well that or I guess they get lots of healing potions.

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