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and like you I like BG1 better than 2 because, for me, levels 1-10 are what I like in DnD. I am more annoyed by the settings/encounters at the beginning of the game (the hells at level 1, the underdark at level ~2,...) but I can live with that.

As an exemple: in IWD1, you end the first game around 12-14th level. If you play the expensions, you gain even more levels because you continue with the same characters. If you start IWD2, wich is a direct sequel, you start back at level 1. Different characters, different story, different time,...
Well said! I like that this game start at level 1 and I am ok with that max level is likely to be level 10.
Of course if they make an expansion to this game that is separate from full release... then they could increase max level from level 10 to 15.

This is ridiculous demands for me to want high level characters because BG2 ended at high level.
The story is later in time not the same characters though example an Elf might live long time.

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