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They can have the same char just remove the vampire part.
It doesnt fit in the campaign.

Why dont they just bring in Elminster as a companion?
Vampirrs are cool is not a excuse to have one in a lvl 1 campaign
Thats how 10yo play RPGs.
I wanna be a vampire
I wanna be a ninja turtle
I wanna be super mario

Maybe we get a plumber as next char since jumping is a big part of the game.
Man to each their own. Role playing is about being whatever you want... Don't be nasty just because people play differently than you.

About Astarion as a vampire spawn - honestly I was kind of disappointed... People here claim he is super strong and shit but in game he has an extra special attack which is not that powerful and he dies when he touches water. Oh my how OP

First of we have a predefined world with rules.
Vampire spawns are NOT level 1 creatures.
Sure you can homebrew it in your own campaigns but this isnt your own.
This is Baldur's Gate 3
Same world
We had Vampires in BG2 try fighting on as a lvl1 char.
Vampire spawns regerate 10HP /round
Removed cause someone has a fantasy about vampires.
This is lore breaking and rule breaking its ok in your own campaign but once again this isnt.
Think they should stick as close to rulebooks as possible,

In bg1 i got killed but gibberlings in first area. The bear was a freaking monster. Here im wrestling with a vampire spawn.
SAME WORLD! supposly same campaing just 100years later.
if you dont see the problem with that im so happy for you.
for me it feels incredible stupid.
I wanted to play Baldur's Gate no twilight

I... live! Flesh and blood and bone! I am alive! Ha-ha! I swore I would scratch and crawl my way back into the world of the living... and I have done it!