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I totally agree. Management is something I like in RPG and ammo management is something else to think about when you prepare your next journey.

But this is an unpopular opinion.
Players like having so powerfull magical bows/crossbows at the beginning of the game.

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Limiting ammo is tedious in PnP and in video games. BG3 is not a survival game, so why bother.

BG1/2, Solasta, Wasteland, XCOM,... aren't survival games...

BG1&2 had weapons with the unlimited ammo property
It was so convenient that eveyrone went for those weapons as a default because dealing with ammo sucks.

Speak for yourself wink

BG1/2 had A FEW interresting items with unlimited ammo (1 or maybe 2)... not every single one.

That's exactly why they were interresting.
Powerfull >< Convenient

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