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Food healing is just weird, especially DURING combat. Absolutely ludicrous. And clerics, even in 5th edition, are still beastmode man. Particularly once you get spells like Spirit Guardians and sick shit like that.
Spirit Guardian is not included to this game.

Well I have a question for you Dungeons Dragons 5th edition GURUS.
I did not find answer to this in google.

How does saving throws vs spells work in:
A. Dungeons Dragons 5th edition Pen and Paper?
B. Baldurs Gate 3?

Here is what I assume.
The DC to roll is:
10+ATTRIBUTE example WIS for Clerics bonus+ Spell level as cast you can cast also lower level spell as high level spell slot.

That is the resistance roll regardless if it is say mental attack Hold Person or say some kind of direct damage
and they roll to resist.

What I do NOT understand is what + do the resistance roller get? In DD older version there was a table + according to level
but I have not found any info such exist in DD5th.

The attribute + they do get to the resistance roll I guess WISDOM bonus + to mental attacks like Charm Person or Hold Person...
and in case of direct damage it usually says example do a Dexterity bonus or perhaps even Constitution bonus.

Do the resistance roll get any other + in addition to attribute bonus according to say a table that was according to level as it was in older Dungeons Dragons editions?

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