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Honestly , I have zero issue with him being a rogue, and the OPs arguments are specious to be kind.

I *had* no problem with him being a vampire... until I read this thread. Those arguments are very sound. The suggestion of simply making him a vampire thrall is elegant and fixes a ton of issues.

Honestly my bigger issue was him being a vampire AND an Elf. It’s a hat on a hat. There comes a point when you have so many rare background elements that it strains all credulity. Just make him a human. The party needs more humans. Toril is a human dominated world. Not everyone is a super rare snowflake. Plus being an elf doesn’t play into his character one bit. It’s purely cosmetic. You could make him a human and not change a single line off dialogue.

Well, elf would explain why he was a vampire thrall ( not vampire spawn ) for centuries.
I do not think an evil master would use magic to make his minions live longer, especially if we talk about a lv1 rogue.

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