I think unlimited normal ammo is fine.

- BG3 is not a survival game or a realistic combat simulation.
- Unlike BG1+2 you do not have limited inventory slots and arrows have little weight and arrows were cheap in BG1+2 ( one coin for a stack of regular ammo). Players would just load their inventory with tons of arrows.
- BG2 had so many weapons with infinite ammo that after some time every char would have such a weapon. They were a high priority for me because ammo management is boring.
- Crafting tons of arrows and farming materials for them is just boring.
- casters have infinite cantrips, melee chars can swing their weapon infinitely and only ranged chars have a limited basic action ???
Normal attacks or cantrips would be the default option, especially if we assume that you could not rest after every encounter.

PS: There was one game I quit because of ammo management, MotB.
I created an archer for the OC and I found a bow with infinite ammo, everything is fine.
I imported this char to MotB and there you lose all equipment. The cheapest arrows you could get were +3.
My char used huge amounts of ammo every fight ( 4 base attacks + rapid shot + multi shot + haste ) which made me spend huge amounts of money.
I quit because filling my whole inventory with ammo and spending all my money for ammo, refilling ammo slots after every fight and going back to shop after a few fights was not fun.
I finished this great game with several other chars.

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