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...I literally only play Bretons and Imperials in Skyrim because they are the only good looking humans...
......What?!?! they were the worst. Bretons all looked 60+ or inbred and Imperials deformed in vanilla. Nords and Redguard legit were the only normal looking humans, and even they had only a few decent presets to choose, mainly the first 3.

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Nords being the most aesthetic, is probably why so many follower mods including the ones that are supposed to be other humans races, use the nord models

Anyway i''m good on the elven models currently. I'd rather elves look human-like rather than the balding goblins they looked like in Skyrim. So hideous that nobody wanted to play one. I often found the pompous attitudes of elves especially the high ones in Skyrim laughable since they all looked objectively worse than humans and not at all superior lol. They all looked more goblin-esque than the actual orc race, eyes sickly etc and if you managed to become a vampire elf in skyrim? Dear god in heaven.

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I think part of this change is due to feedback from Divinity. Vanilla elves in Divinity were not so great. The males only had like 2 decent presets.

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