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Elves aren't immortal, if anything, experiencing life longer would give them MORE reasons to want to stay alive after centuries of being attached to it.
That would only make sense if Astarion was nearing his mortal years, but he isn't old by elven standards. At least doesn't look that way.
The reason he became a vampire was because he was killed by a bunch of gur hobos.

What i'm saying is, having a longer lifespan does not make one not fear mortality. Many old people don't fear death, many young people do. Elves are prone to the same fears and worries any other race is, they are all different and you can't paint one with the same brush and say he shouldn't fear death because he lives 700+ years.

While I see your point, I think that if us humans can find comfort and forget about death with only 30-40 years ahead of us, and elf can probably be very relaxed about it with 500 years ahead of them.