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Why should you be straight nuked? Every game can be Solo'd pretty much. Dos1/Do2, PoE1,Poe2, bg1-bg2. I solo all of these games on the hardest setting possible. Bigger party size just means you're not very good and need the extra help

Its not about performing. I did solo BG2 with a lot of different class, I still enjoy it quite a bit with six characters. Having banter, a true party, and a normal level scaling (and not a demigod overpowered character) makes up for an entirely different experience. Solo game are unbalanced, you get the best loot, quickly get at a way highter level than you should and 95% of the game is too easy. If anything, having 6 companions in Baldurs gate 2 makes the game harder than playing it solo, because they have normal stats.

And quit talking about ''being good'' at this kind of game. It really doesn't require much. Anyone can do BG2 solo after looking at a Kensai/mage build on internet. Pickup CromFayr, Robe of Vecna and a few other item, there, you're set . If you wanna brag about being good at video game, do it on real competitive game like shooter, MOBA, fighting game or RTS. Who cares if you can beat the AI on a solo RPG ?

You solo'd the game yet or you still getting full party wiped? You talk about how you have played solo, etc. and yet, utterly fail at acknowledging that solo'ing a game that is meant for 4+ full party takes a different mindset, an understanding of game and class mechanics, preparation, planning, etc. as compared to what I see from full party playthroughs via Youtube and Twitch where most are just haphazardly doing sh*t and then when all goes to crap, going 'OMG, WTF happened!?' Further, playing solo means I have less options (spells, etc.) at my disposal than running around with a party with a crap ton of options for any given situation or encounter......and still getting full party wiped, ironic, huh? Maybe, it is you that needs to "quit talking"?

And T2av not too far off imho: if you can't beat the game or struggle at beating the game with 4 party members what the hell makes you think your struggles are going to be any less with a party of 5-6? Conversely, if one can beat the game solo, running a full party for one that has done it solo makes the game even more of a joke.

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