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I didn't even know you could eat food during combat wink

I didn’t either until I played my second time through when I started messing around. It never occurred to me such an absurd mechanic would be in place.

Yeah, I never even tried it myself, just heard about it and flat out refuse to do it since it's so stupid.

Correct but this is where they are looking to pander to a wider audience. I skip a number of Larian style rules and play the way Im comfortable with. I think stuff like the wyvern poisons are to bring some balance to tougher encounters with low level characters i.e Underdark ...

I dont disagree with the OP I just think that Larian will look to tweak the D&D rules where the most of the feedback comes in if it isnt either to expensive to implement, or outside of Larians belief on how certain stuff should be implemented in a video game - we are still in early days yet - much to come I think.

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