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Wish Larian was more clear on whether this is a game built on 5e or simply inspired by the world of D&D. I get lost in what their vision is for the D&D title they begged WoTC to give them rights too.
If it’s going to be worthy as a sequel (Baldur’s Gate III) and not a new series (Baldur’s Gate: Rise of the Illithids), it should be built on D&D and not just have some D&D flavour. I agree, the Ranger options in Tasha’s are just fine, would much prefer to see those in this game. I’m sure WotC have seen this game as an opportunity to onboard new players to the tabletop game, and the more Larian go off-piste the more confusing it’s going to be. Especially as many systems aren’t clearly explained in the game.