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BG3 is, by definition, a sequel, yes. But it is a different campaign, with a different protagonist, wich tells a different story, a hundred years apart from the first one. I don't understand why the game should kick off with main character at higher levels, just because the previous games ended with a PC at level 30+ It makes zero sense when you think about it. Larian wants us to experience every rise in power of our (new)protagonist, wich they are entitled to, and like you I like BG1 better than 2 because, for me, levels 1-10 are what I like in DnD. I am more annoyed by the settings/encounters at the beginning of the game (the hells at level 1, the underdark at level ~2,...) but I can live with that.
So then we actually agree. So why the hostility toward me?

The only difference between our takes, it seems, is that whereas you "can live with [the mismatch]," I find it very hard to do so. My immersion in the story and the setting is everything for me playing a cRPG, and this mismatch breaks my immersion and aggravates the heck out of me.

Thrust me, no hostility here, just defending my opinion.

As for the “mismatch”? I am also a “story and setting makes an RPG” kind of guy, where combat can take a backseat (I.e. Planescape) Buuuut I also like a good fight, and that is for these reasons that I can live with the slightly-off setting at the beginning of BG3. Honestly, aren’t you fed up with every DnD quest beginning in a tavern basement fighting rats? I thinks it’s a nice change of pace.