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I've played in PnP games where we track ammo and games where we don't. I understand the rationale behind it, but unless you're playing a wilderness survival game where resources are scarce, it mostly just feels tedious.

People don't tend to bother with things like sharpening and oiling swords or repairing armor in the game - we just assume that characters know how to maintain their gear and abstract away the boring part. I feel like ensuring that you have enough ammo for ranged weapons falls into that category unless there is something about getting enough ammo that is supposed to be a challenge.

From what we've seen of BG3 (especially with the portals), it doesn't seem like getting your hands on ammo would be even remotely difficult.

That is unless you are playing one of the Witcher series of games where you have to sharpen your weapons or repair your armor. Which I'll have to admit that I didn't mind at all.