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And there you have the super quality of the companions Larian have created.

Completely agreed - I avoided using Lae'zel on my first playthrough because I wanted to avoid being such a brutish person. And that wasn't a game-y choice I was making, that was an actual RP choice, because of something a character pushed me into. My first playthrough would've been much easier if I had stuck with using Lae'zel. I want punchy characters, ones that make me go, "Oh shit, I think they're going to betray me". I also want some nicer ones, but we have that - Wyll fills out that role, and I'd run him more if I wasn't such a fan of playing Warlocks myself. Gale also fills it out. Even Shadowheart does - you can tell that all the tough shit is a front and I think the way we had things before where you kinda had to push to get past her walls around herself made it interesting. Playing with these characters reminded me a lot of trying to keep a team together in Tyranny, kinda against their will, and I enjoyed the challenge. There will be more nice characters later - don't push Larian to dumb down the ones that are currently a tough sell.

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And I take it that your "companions" do not stack up the same achievements as you keep them in the background as an insurance policy "just in case".

Shadowheart probably deserves more respect than the PC for keeping them alive lol

Also back to Netherias' post:

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It is important to clarify that the characters should have some resistance in their personality as is expected, but what we were introduced with initially was undoubtedly too much.

I agree that the disapproval/approval system can feel a bit heavy-handed at times, but so long as that gets somewhat diluted, I have no complaints with Shadowheart and Lae'zel disapproving of my actions in the early game. Wyll and Gale frequently agreed with my actions, and I was tough enough to get Shadowheart to approve of how I handled things when it counted. If you're playing a neutral/good character, you can still be on pretty good terms with Shadowheart by the end of act 1, even pre-patch, so I don't see what your problem is? Is it that the two female characters available so far didn't like you enough?

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