In the PHB is written for the beastmaster for example:
- the companion has the HP of an ordinary animal of this type or 4 times the class level of the ranger
- the ranger can command the companion to attack instead of attacking himself.

So the animal is pathetically weak and you have to decide if you attack or the animal.
The computer game also does not include long distance travel, orientation or following somebodies tracks.
They had to make changes and the for me it looks good in BG3, but I am not a PnP player.
The animal companions need to scale with level, else a lv3 animal will be useless later.
I did not play the other subclass yet.
I did not read the book posted above.

Is witch an official term in DnD? Or is it the female form for wizard or sorcerer?
In Pathfinder WotR we get the witch class, an arcane caster (low HP and hit chance, no armor, like a mage) who can heal or protect companions, summon creatures and curse enemies but does not have most of the usual arcane or divine buff or damage spells.

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