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so this is kind of off - topic, but it sounds like you don't like weight limits per character either?
I find it annoying. I am putting up with it in BG2, because there are 18/00 strength items scattered everywhere, but yeah its a mess.
That being said I think limited ammo is more annoying

I hate dealing with crafting and weight limits to such a degree that in Skyrim I only play conjurer stealth archers and I never take any loot with me unless I can equip it right away.
I can summon my own bow and arrows, I barely if ever get hit because I'm striking from the shadows and if I find myself in the open I summon a couple of demons to distract the enemy while I pew pew them with my bow.
This way I don't have to deal with inventory management, weight limits, arrows etc. and I can focus on what this game was meant to be: exploration and killing monsters
I hate crafting/collecting/storing/repairing items, it's not fun.

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