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I think it’s been well handled so far for levels 1-4. Would have expected a few kobolds, orcs etc but they may be still to come - then again they may get skipped.
Under dark could have come later as could the hook horrors, bulette etc minotaurs are ok if not a little overpowered (I’m not across 5e maybe they are right).
I just hope as we progress monsters and encounters are level appropriate- loving it at the moment.
I’ll save my judgement on the story etc until the full release as we are only in ea and that’s yet to be developed significantly

I'll have to agree with you that so far things are fine the way that they are. There are a few battles that we shouldn't be running into already like the Matriarch spiders for example which are around level 10 or 12 if you figure in the hit points of a fighter.

I second that.