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As for the “mismatch”? I am also a “story and setting makes an RPG” kind of guy, where combat can take a backseat (I.e. Planescape) Buuuut I also like a good fight, and that is for these reasons that I can live with the slightly-off setting at the beginning of BG3. Honestly, aren’t you fed up with every DnD quest beginning in a tavern basement fighting rats? I thinks it’s a nice change of pace.
See, once again, why would you assume that just because I don't like how this game begins I want it to be fighting rats in a basement? I thought Larian was supposed to be all about being creative. If anything, this game's start *is* very similar to another game (just NOT a BG game), namely D:OS2.

If we are supposed to be mere "observers" to all that's happening in the first area involving all those very high CR creatures, as some here have said, then why not just make it all a cutscene and then move us directly into a starting area that is not only level appropriate but also story appropriate?