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it doesn't nerf anything- in pen and paper - alot of the same bonuses that you get for ranged attacks for rogue and ranger - you get for melee also, again - its just d&d - you don't run out of arrows often, but it makes you aware so you thoughtfully attack. This is a turn-based rpg so some of that strategy kind of goes with the territory, unlike a fallout, elder scrolls etc...

This just sounds like pointless admin. There are plenty of impactful decisions in BG3 fights, like what to spell to concentrate on, which targets to prioritize, etc.

Deciding whether or not to run to the nearest vendor to buy arrows has minimal impact on the game, just makes the player waste time doing so.

If there were situations where I couldn't do that, or ammo was expensive, then maybe this made sense. But as BG3 is now I don't see ammo management adding anything to gameplay, but rather detracting from it.