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i don't do much crafting in games either - but in most hardcore rpgs and Pen and paper - this stuff is kind of standard (weight limits, inventory management) while i'd like them to have items that are useful, (why can't ropes be used to climb or cross chasms?) - i agree that there are too many empty containers, too many hard to unlock or get to chests that contain an item like an apple or something, some inventory management is par for the course for what i hope ends up being a hardcore d&d game vs something more arcadey or casual. To each his own i guess.

If you want to make the game hardcore, how about you do that by making combat harder? I mean I'm here for story and combat and not purse-management.
I mean I don't even care if they remove the weight limit, like I didn't care about much in F:NV or Skyrim either. I found ways to make it work, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and having unlimited ammo is not broken, it's just convenient and it's ok. It won't make the game better if I have to deal with ammo.

Dealing with ammo makes sense in a game like Mass Effect, or F:NV survival mode, because managing resources is kind of part of the game there.

The only acceptable way I see implementing this would be making arrows be like spells for spellcasters. When you go back to camp, your archer characters instead of memorizing spells, crafts arrows for the next day. I mean how realistic is it for any random merchant to just have arrows on hand? Not very much. How ralistic is it that the arrows the merchant sells are the length that is compatible with your bows? Not very much. So if you want limited ammo, make sure that you archers craft a number of arrows everyday. Except that would result in unlimited ammo because people would just rest until they have 2000 arrows. Or if you use less arrows then you craft? Well that means you never have to worry about it ever again.
Also what I mean by "crafting" is not something the player manually does Skyrim style (fuck that system). You just go to sleep and wake up with 100 arrows you crafted last night.
Really what kind of archer are you if you can't even make your own arrows? lol

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