Bullse.... again, no-one is talking about a specific class mechanic. No-one mentioned any such thing, except you. They're talking about something which is a base standard part of the game in 5e. Some weapons (as mentioned: Daggers, hand axes, javelins, light hammers, spears and tridents) have a property tag called 'thrown' - this means any character can use them as a throwing weapon by the base rules (generally with fairly short ranges).

The effect of this is that these weapons can be used with your Strength, even at range.
A heavy crossbow, as with all ranged weapons, uses Dexterity.

This is a basic core function of 5e that hasn't, as yet, made it into BG3. It gives characters with higher strength than dexterity a way to fight at range, using their higher score.

So, in terms of 'who comes up with these things', that would be Wizards of the Coast.

Any strength-based character, if they do indeed have higher strength than dex, would stand to benefit from this being put into the game - though in particular it benefits characters that have higher strength, but use heavy armour and leave their dex low

You're saying that the class that you have actively proclaimed as the most powerful class currently in the game, doesn't need that. Maybe not. It also doesn't need armour of any description, but that's not a valid reason to not have it in the game.

You're saying that this isn't necessary if we play the game exactly like you say... perhaps, but most people aren't going to want to play the game exactly as you say - they'll want to play it thousands of other different ways.

So again - why are you against this? "I can wreck house with this particular class and subclass combination, which by the way is the most powerful build choice in the current version of the game, so the fact that I can stomp things with it isn't really saying very much anyway." is not a meaningful argument against the feature.