Oh I suppose that makes sense, I had forgotten Minsc was a thing. So 3 male human companions then at a minimum?

I gotta imagine we get at least 1 human female companion?
If it works out like I'm hoping, the archetypes we know we have now...

Shadowheart F Half-Elf Cleric

Astarion M Elf (Daywalker) Thief

Lae'zel F Gith Fighter
Minc M Human Ranger

Gale Human Human Male Mage
Wyll Human Human Male Warlock

For a good solid BG game each traditional archetype should have like 4 alts to choose from...For a start these are top contenders from EA act 1 so far.

Minthara F Cleric
Halsin M Druid
Kagha F Druid

Alfira F Tiefling Bard
Sazza F Goblin (Thief?)
Florrick F Elf Mage/Sorcerer?

A Human Female something?
A Dwarf?

Probably I'm only going to get 3 alts, if that, but I'd like a dozen on top of the 5 origins + Minsc for 16-18 companions total. That'd feel at least on the level of BG2 for companions.

Like 16 npcs where 8 are Origin and 8 have intro questlines, but are intended just as companions (not protagonists).

Then add in an option to recruit player created Mercs with just barks and a more limited merc arch, and I think the game would stand up to its predecessors.
Its important that we have a decent mix of companions though. I'd vote for Minthara for sure

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