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but when there are only one or two things on a map to interact with it lowers the immersion value of the game.

Yeah I agree with that.
Interractions with items and so on are great.

I find it a bit tedious at the moment because there are too many empty things to open and because the UI is really ugly when you "highlight" 10 items on a table at the same time.

But this is things that could easily be improved.

In exemple, it could be cool to highlight all full containers and not empty one.... (even if you can interract with all of them)
It could be usefull to "write the name" of potions and other usefull items but just highlight forks, knife and "decorative" items you can take.
The description of items could also help us to understand what is usefull for the game and what is there for immersion ("décorative item", "misc. item", a specific color in the description popup,...).

To summarize I have 3 "problems" related to items/containers :
- I spend more time than I should opening empty containers
- Inventory management is tedious and the understanding of items is hard (especially at the beginning)
- The UI is a mess when there are too many items to highlight (text when there's many items close to each others)

But I share your tought. Solasta doesn't have enough items to interract with. At the moment and according to me, BG3 has too many that doesn't increase the gameplay value... Nor MY immersion.
At the moment those items/containers have a "bad" impact on my experience (this is not a deal breaker of course).

I think such a game should only have items whose utility (or not) is obvious.
But different people have different opinions.

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