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In terms of the tactical model of the game, it's not difficult, it's just broken IMO. I think the increased level cap will deal with a lot of these issues, because the players will have the tools and hp to deal with the encounters. That won't fix the AI, and the fight cheese strategy of using height, line of sight and hide to kill your enemies, or infinite resting, or barrelmancy, etc.. but maybe it will make it a bit less save scummy.

I agree, but want to add: higher levels won't fix anything, when the issues with the incorrectly used DnD rules persist. You may get more hitpoints, more abbilites, etc. but as many people in this forum have already showed, is that most DnD spells, abilities will just not be useful, as you get the same effects (Advantage) by just running around an enemy or getting a little bit Higher.