+1 repost support - i think there are alot of other areas of feedback that larian should look at too as bg3 ea continues, but the way the current party/character controls function in game with chain-linking and constant companion movement around the currently selected character, etc. really can be frustrating to use and is only further exacerbated by some other in game controls/mechanics (like the camera or map terrain/layout). tbd if we get to run a party with 6 companions (like the og series), but i would think that the issues inherent using the current party movement controls would only be more glaring with a 6 member party, so i hope that we atleast get some communication from larian regarding their intentions here

+1 ea roadmap or more larian communication - its been stated in this thread and others on the forums, but i think it would benefit both larian and the community if we got some more timely, regular communication regarding the progress of ea from the devs/larian so to better coordinate feedback efforts towards those areas most viable for input/change before the game launches. obvs we just got thru the holiday/year end season, but i would hope the next update/patch is more substantive in this regard