Hahahaha, Bruh - you make me smile! ^^
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Welcome to late stage capitalism.

Appart from that, I agree with about anything you said.
This is not bound to capitalism, just to... this unrealistic expectation that everybody in the world is somehow a happy family.
And the fact that people are consumers at their core with no real traditional values and pride in anything.
Rootless people who do not truly understand people who PRIDE themself in their roots.
A more and more appearing phenomen in the west in general.

The last barrier -> their own visual appearance which they cannot help but to identify with.
I think almost: " Thanks god. At least some aspect that makes us unique. "

But yeah this wierd "equalizationing" stuff is happening all over older franchises, to an extend that really makes you think
" It would have been better, if 'Franchise X' would have just ended with the last season, or game, or series. And not been continued until it became THIS. "
In old Fae'run, being Drizzt was being a rebell.
Now... being a true prideful and unchanging Drow with title and good old Drow-culture cruelty, now THAT is being the rebell.

Seeing it this way it might really be amusing to play an convinced follower of some evil path just for the lulz.
Betray peoples expectations with the so underrated tradition of the expected, that it becomes the unexpected again. grin

Oh well.
At least the Tieflings are still loathed in BG3 for their appearance.
Hope is not lost for realistic rejection of something distrustful looking.

Then again we are carrying Tadpols in our heads grin and we are not turning, breaking with another very hard to negotiate tradition. grin
Even if this condition our characters have, tends to be the specialness that drives the plot.
Just how we were "scource sensitives" in DivinityOriginalSin2.

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You've had adequate warnings about your posting style and behaviour. This latest post shows that you have not learned the lesson of not being insulting, so I am giving you a week away to consider how to express yourself with more civility in future.

It was that mention of 'capitalism' was it? grin
Was that really so bad what he wrote? A bit on the gloomy side maybe. But not entirely unrelatable.