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In the context of a videogame, anything below hard can be considered a "Trash Mob". Encounters of this difficulty is bad in a RTwP game, but at least there, you can turn on the AI and just watch it play out quickly in real-time. It's basically unacceptable in a slower, turn-based combat game with no "auto-resolve".

100% disagree with that.
This game need morz challenging encounter but it also need trash combats.

TB is very slow and players have to go forth while playing. Those playing 1 or 2h/day probably won't enjoy having only 2 combats because they're all "challenging".
You also have sometimes to feel that you're powerfull and if everything is a challenge : you're not.

Nearly every TB rpg I know have "trash combats".
Usually random encounter are trash combats but not only.

I would enjoy the game if it was more strategic and challenging (bosses, specific combats,...) so I agree with you on some points...
But I'll also love to feel that some ennemies aren't any danger.

BG3 is not XCOM. Combats are one of the most important part of the game to me (and I don't really like them at the moment) but it's first a RPG....

And in RPGs I don't want to be challenged each time I face the weakest creatures of the world.

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