I do have one question on the path to get Minthara I lost Wyll as he leaves the party during the party after defeating the druids, which was really bad for my party formation. Is there a way to keep Wyll and finish the path to get Mintharas after druids are slaughtered?

I don't like Gale and i am trying to do an all caster party. This party i went as a Gith Wizard and playing him more as a more caster focused eldritch knight, closer to the really old AD&D 2e optional class militant Mage which was more like a fighter that traded weapon specializations for wizard spell usage. For party i picked wyll, shadowheart, and temporally Leazel as an eldritch knight and had planned on replacing her with Minthara. The gith part gives him racial proficiency in armor upto medium, and weapons like shortsword, longsword, and greatsword, he is going with greatsword and wearing gith half plate as a wizard, i did strength low only because i know how to get the headband of intellect quickly, and had given wyll til he left medium armor procency with the extra point into dex to let him use medium armor and a shield, so it wasa full caster party with all of them wearing medium armor

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