ok, since this topic is open about "sexist" .. let's go!

I made a "dude - uh uh" and somehow I got a glitch which prove my point even better.

But here is the context, from my perspective. I was a bit offended about why when you put the Githyanki's armour on a female, she shows up like in short pants (you can even see butt cheeks if you zoom in) but when you put that same armour on a "dude" the guy is fully padded from toe to neck. My first reaction was, ah dudes are always on their knees and needs padding perhaps or some help ? :- ).

Game developers are always making the female sexy, as if we will chase monsters in high heels or wearing skirts and sexy dress... while the males are always fully padded. (Im really thinking they need padding so they don't hurt them self .. by them self, that's the only rational I came up with).

So to counter this, I made this "sexy dude" (based on Rollo from the Vicking cuz he's hot) and used that Nightsong" mod from nexus and make it top less. But the #@$#$ mod has a glitch ONLY with male, how convenient. The same "pants - only" works great on female (shadowheart) of course, but look on my male:

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

How's that o.O
anyway .. can't stop the dev "male" fantasy I guess ..

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