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That, perhaps, is a sign that there's a need for more female game developers.


As a girl who love games, this is a very scary thought for me during modern social movements.

This can completely disfigure the design of women's armor, make it look like squalor for nuns. You know, I don't have anything against "bra armor", I guess I just want something similar for men. Fanservice for women! But in fact, women developers can give you a completely reverse thing, unfortunately. Because now everyone is talking about "sexualization", about how bad it is and blablabla. But this is a game, I want things to look cool, hot, stylish. I don't even want to think about stupid realism.

I bet there are enough womens in Bioware, both among designers and developers, and looks like it does not help them...

I don't speak english well, but I try my best. Ty