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Why are people complaining about beautiful women?

No one is complaining about that. Please quote the complaint.

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Men are just as attractive in this game.

Your subjective opinion vs other peoples subjective opinion.

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people with their own personal issues who think the artist's work should cater to them specifically.

In a way. This is an RPG, character creator should have options, DIFFERENT options, not a lot of very similar ones.

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So gender does not make a product good. Talent does, only talent.

True, gender of devs is completely irrelevant.

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Gamers need to get back to constructive criticisms.

TBH, this topic is pretty constructive by OP, we just derailed it, sexism was a little side note. Elves in this game don't look elfy, it's not lore friendly.

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I'd also like to remind the people who brought up sexism to look at the media catering to women and tell me how often they see hot, shirtless guys fawning over a totally average female protagonist and how that's any different from games with a mostly male audience having their females look attractive.

Most of us just want equality tbh. If there are a lot of beautiful female faces, there should be as many beautiful male faces, if there are a lot of old male faces, there should be a lot of old female faces, if an armor shows buttcheeks it should show buttcheeks on males and females both, if an armor looks practical it should also look practical on both etc. Zero problems with sexy, so long as it is for both sexes in equal amount AND ( this is important ) exactly the same way.

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