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that's funny. I don't play mostly melee with my rogues, but this is the way we play, it makes it more interesting, have i run out of arrows alot? no. It has happened in a couple of long slog dungeons though. And we normally have bags of holding, but in the middle of a fight - If my quiver can only hold 15 arrows - The DM isn't normally gonna let me reach into the bag of holding.... As for "griping" no, not griping - again- making a suggestion based on D&D like everyone else here....I hope you don't have any proposals at all, lest they be called "nit-picky"

But have you had situations where running out of arrows has been interesting? Genuinely curious. That's never come up for me, it's just been another obnoxious thing to manage. The only times it has come up is realizing my arrows are running low and needing to slog back to town. It's done nothing for me ever except slow down the game, both in tabletop and video games. I'm down for "hard" options, and even for inventory management, but I rarely see inventory management or arrows implemented in a way that doesn't just make things slower and add literally nothing else.