its not a "hard" option - when it has happened, I had to do the rest of the dungeon in kind of a hybrid state - I managed to pull 1 or two arrows out of enemies and save them for flying stuff but all in all - my sneak attacks and everything worked the same in melee so there was a lot of attacking and disengaging while my tank kept enemies in place. yeah it was interesting. Makes you have to actually have strategy and think a bit in a way that pure melee classes don't have to (or dare i say, get to) a lot of times. Honestly everyone I've seen that plays a rogue or ranger well goes outside of the basic "I'm just gonna shoot arrows the whole time" --- Ive had fights where i had to play "second tank" as a rogue because we were fighting two "boss" type characters at the same time (barbarian, rogue, and warlock - i think we had a cleric who was down at the time) the first guy went after the barbarian and when the other got in the warlocks face, i knew he was done unless i took him. Soooo - High Dex, uncanny dodge,cunning action, swashbuckling and sneak attacks ftw. and i was a mostly ranged rogue. part of the charm of D&D.....either way, I'm hoping we lean more d&d than Skyrim and fallout, like a lot of people keep bringing up - I like those games, but they aren't even close. I feel like for the people that want that style of play, play the divinity games and wait for the sequel for those. Its still turn-based, but more gamey, more "zany" maybe. definitely more arcadey. which is cool - but this needs to be D&d